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Helene helps clients transform their lives through guiding their expansion of consciousness. Ultimately, Helene’s goal is to help her clients achieve personal fulfillment and together build a stronger, safer, and more peaceful world community.

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• Optimal Health and Vitality
• Career improvement
• Personality Alignment and Harmony
• Life Purpose
• Relaxation
• Risk Assessment and Decision-Making Ability
• Time Management
• Deepening Relationships with Friends & Loved Ones
• Increasing Confidence and Self-Esteem
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Who Are You Becoming?

Human beings have just begun to tap the vast potential of the mind that is innate to us as a species.

Through empirical research in positive psychology while at the University of Pennsylvania and my exhaustive study of world belief systems and paranormal psychic phenomena, I am convinced that each human being is capable of doing far more with the mind than ever considered possible.
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