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Los Angeles Meetup
Wed, April 24th

Meditation for the Real World

• 7 keys to stress reduction

EO Keynote
May16th, 6-9pm

The Entrepreneur's Key to Stress Reduction and Mental Efficiency 
Experience immediate benefits after attending this practical and
interactive event!  This is an event loaded with gems and content that
will serve you in both your business and personal life. 

You will learn from a master who is a meditation coach to billionaires. During this event you will gain tools to reduce stress and gain mental clarity (even in high pressure situations). 

Helene will share techniques to help you:
• Gain mental peace and clarity. 
• Meditation for executives – how to gain clarity
even if only in a few minutes a day.

• Breath as a way to help center and ground yourself.

Reduce stress for optimal health and vitality.
Listen to your own inner guidance system when hiring, making strategic decisions, etc. Tap into and discovering your personal mission and path ahead. Quiet the mind when it’s time to rest.

Improve risk assessment and decision making through the integration of intuition and pragmatic cognition. Increase confidence personally and professionally when stepping into challenging situations. Connect more fully and deepen relationships with friends and loved ones.

Evolver Class Series:
Basic Introduction to Meditiation

In three, one-hour classes Helene Finizio will guide the group through a variety of simple, easy to use meditative tools designed to quickly and effectively quiet the mind, reduce stress and increase a sense of calm and clarity. Classes will also cover the scientific benefits of meditative practices, as well as 7 key points for someone about to begin. There will be a brief discussion at the end of each session for participants to raise questions and share observations.


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