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Meditation Training
• Easy to learn meditation techniques customized to individual needs and goals
• Clear, concise instructions for body positioning, breathing, time management
• Dynamic modules designed to bridge the conscious and unconscious processes of the brain

Life/Executive Coaching
• Examine behaviors and life circumstances for positive transformations
• Establish concrete goals for individualized needs
• Use concrete examples in daily life to act as a bridge to meditative awareness

Intuition Training
• Increase ability to listen to intuition
• Increase discernment between mind chatter and clear inner voice
• Develop comfort level with open inner dialogue

Essence Energy Awareness: Individual
• Build connection to true inner self, the essence of the individual and who he or she freely choose to become
• Embrace individual ability unique to each person
• Become present with self in a clear, direct, and loving integration of mind and spirit

Essence Energy Awareness: Interpersonal/Multidimensional
• Connect with the Energy of “All that is”
• Tune in to greater energy awareness and personal guidance available to all
• Become present to others in a clear, direct, and loving integration of intention and action

Group Sessions
• Executive Meditation: The Entrepreneur's Key to Stress Reduction and Mental Efficiency 
• Intuitive Intelligence for Leaders: Where Intention Meets Innovation
• Positive Psychology for Leaders: Using Personal Strengths to Achieve Your Goals
• Meditation for the Real World: How to craft and maintain a meditation practice that fits into any lifestyle

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